HR Considerations Working Group


  • Staff/Administrator Concerns
    • Who should return to campus, and who should work remotely?

    • Explore staggered work schedules for employees

    • Evaluate workplace layouts for social distancing standards

    • Protocols for safe workplace practices

    • Transportation of workforce

  • Faculty affairs
    • Statutory and policy issues around faculty workload this summer, especially in regard to faculty off contract and SEIU employees

    • Policies around faculty who request to teach their classes remotely when students are gathered on campus

  • Enhance and support the remote workforce

  • Develop workforce training and development including to foster digital acumen

  • Other identified issues


Kay Turner (HR)

Jason Benedict (IT)
Michele Burris (Student Affairs)
John Carroll (Public Safety)
Ben Crooker (Provost’s Office)
Jonathan Crystal (Provost’s Office)
Ellen Fahey-Smith (Provost’s Office)
Eve Keller (Faculty Senate)
Corbin Wong (Human Resources)
Rafael Zapata (Diversity)

Maureen Keown (UHS)
An Yan (GSB)
Chris Gu (FCRH)
Darin Neely (Law)
Christina McGrath (Enrollment)

Steering Committee Oversight

Martha Hirst, Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer