Legal Writing Tutoring Program

The Legal Writing Tutoring Program is open to all J.D. students. It is staffed by experienced adjunct professors who teach legal writing at Fordham. The Program aims at assisting students who are experiencing specific difficulties with legal analysis, structure, or writing style.

Students meet with an individual tutor for as many sessions as necessary to resolve their particular writing problems. Prior to the sessions, a student provides the tutor with a past writing assignment (the tutor cannot assist students with ongoing or current assignments). During the sessions, the tutor and student use the student’s past work to identify specific writing concerns and develop strategies for improving the student’s skill in written communications. The tutor may supply the student with writing samples or assign writing exercises for the student to complete outside of the session. The duration of each tutoring session is 30-45 minutes.

First-year students should discuss with their Legal Writing professor whether they would benefit from tutoring services. They may also get in touch with the Legal Writing Program directly by contacting Victor Galindez at [email protected].