Ireland Program Externships

Externship Opportunities

Fordham Law's Belfast/Dublin program allows you to learn international law by practicing it. With 40 externships available, you'll be able to choose from upper-echelon placements in the judiciary, governmental agencies, quasi-governmental agencies, and public interest organizations.You'll have the unique opportunity to work with some of the best barristers, solicitors, and judges in Dublin and Belfast.

Current externships include positions at:

  • the Irish Supreme Court
  • the Irish Court of Appeal
  • the Irish High Court
  • the Royal Courts in Belfast
  • Northern Ireland Attorney General
  • Northern Ireland Public Prosecution Service
  • Northern Ireland Parades Commission
  • Northern Ireland Assembly
  • Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission
  • Irish Law Reform Commission
  • Irish Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation (Intellectual Property and Companies Units)
  • Amnesty International
  • Irish Refugee Council
  • Northern Ireland Law Centre