Learning Outcomes

Through committed teaching and influential scholarship in a community characterized by diversity, intellectual rigor, and collegiality, the law school aims to enhance understanding of law, advance the public good, and help its students obtain the professional values, knowledge, and skills they need to become excellent lawyers in the service of others. Part of a Jesuit university, Fordham Law School integrates intellectual growth with a commitment to justice and equality, and teaches that the privilege of practicing law carries concomitant moral responsibilities.

In furtherance of this mission, a J.D. graduate of Fordham University School of Law will be prepared to:

  1. Identify and apply basic legal principles of required subjects and identify and apply, at an advanced level, principles of one or more legal subjects of particular interest to the student;

  2. Identify the structures and institutions of the legal system and navigate the interplay of sources of law including constitutions, treaties, legislation, regulation, judicial decisions, and administrative decisions;

  3. Identify and apply relevant principles of the law governing lawyers, and demonstrate knowledge of the nature and ethical responsibilities of the legal profession, including the professional values of competence, confidentiality, loyalty, and honesty in the client/lawyer relationship; 

  4. Engage in sound legal analysis, including identification of legal issues, formulation of legal theories, thoughtful argumentation, critical evaluation, and careful application of statutes, regulations, cases, and other sources of law;

  5. Communicate effectively, including writing clearly and persuasively as well as speaking with precision, clarity, and confidence; and

  6. Demonstrate sound judgment and lawyering skills in areas such as counseling, advocacy, negotiation, reflection, teamwork, legal research and factual investigation, initiating and sustaining professional relationships, competence in interacting effectively with people across cultural differences, and commitment and responsiveness to a client’s needs.