Transfer Student Program

Transfer applicants must have completed at least one year in a J.D. program at an American Bar Association (ABA)-approved law school and be in good academic standing. Transfer candidates will be accepted for enrollment only at the beginning of an academic year in the fall. For transfer students admitted from ABA-accredited law schools, credit for classes in which the student has earned a "C" or better will be accepted (up to 31 credits). 

Students will be advised on whether their course credits were accepted to be transferred over and if those credits were applied to required courses before they are asked to commit to attending Fordham Law.

Transfer applicants must submit the following:

  1. A completed Fordham Law application with the $75 application fee. 
  2. A complete law school transcript includes all grades earned in the first year and subsequent years of the applicant's law school enrollment. Applicants are welcome to submit unofficial transcripts to [email protected] when they become available. If an unofficial transcript is submitted, it must be followed up with an official transcript as a condition of enrollment. Official transcripts can be submitted through LSAC or directly from an applicant's current law school.
  3. An official CAS report from LSAC. LSAC should be able to release this to Fordham Law's Office of Admissions after an application is submitted. If not, an applicant can ask their current law school to email a copy of the CAS report to [email protected] (we only need the first page). 
  4. A letter of good standing sent from the current law school to Fordham Law's Office of Admissions. We highly recommend that the letter is emailed to [email protected]. If email is not possible, then it can be mailed to the J.D. admissions office.
  5. A statement detailing the reasons why the applicant wishes to transfer to Fordham Law. This should be no longer than two double-spaced pages.
  6. Letters of recommendation are optional but strongly preferred. We recommend at least one from a law school professor. Letters can be submitted through LSAC or emailed directly from the writers to [email protected].
  7. A resume, which should include summer opportunities. 

Decision timeline

We will start making transfer decisions in mid-June. Then, decisions are made on a rolling basis. All transfer decisions are generally rendered by the first week of August.