J.D. Tuition and Cost of Attendance

Generally speaking, most Fordham Law J.D. students are enrolled during the fall and spring semesters only, i.e., for nine months. Therefore, when budgeting for the academic year, it is essential to know that your cost of attendance covers only educationally related expenses for those nine months. The information below is for the 2024-2025 academic year.

All Fordham graduate students taking more than 5 credits a semester are required to have health insurance. The Student health insurance charge is $4,605. However, students using alternative insurance can have this fee waived by contacting the Fordham University Student Health Services at [email protected]. Students are automatically assessed this fee unless and until a waiver is requested. The insurance cost is split between $1,665 in the fall and $2,940 in the spring, reflecting continuing coverage throughout the following summer. Please note that the above-mentioned health insurance costs are only an estimate and will be finalized shortly.

Living expense estimates are based on several data sources, including the Consumer Price Index, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and surveys of local area apartment rental rates and may vary depending upon the individual.

Direct Fordham Charges  J.D. Day Division J.D. Evening Division
Tuition $74,608 $55,956
Fees $1,120 $1,014
Total Direct Charges $75,728 $56,970
Indirect Expenses to Consider J.D. Day Division J.D. Evening Division
Housing and Food $25,632 $25,632
Books $2,160 $2,160
Travel $2,404 $2,404
Miscellaneous $5,400 $5,400
Total Indirect Expenses $35,596 $35,956
Total COA J.D. Day Division J.D. Evening Division
Total COA (Direct Charges and Indirect Expenses) $111,324 $92,566

Expenses not included in the cost of living (COA)

Students have the option to request a COA adjustment for a one-time computer purchase necessary for their program. Additionally, students also have the option to include non-discretionary expenses incurred, which are not covered by the standard cost of attendance budget, such as childcare expenses or higher rent than what is listed in the COA.

All adjustment requests must be submitted in writing and include the necessary supporting documentation, along with a completed COA Adjustment Request form. Please note that the Law School Financial Aid Office seldom approves budget increases for purposes other than childcare expenses or one-time computer purchases. If you wish to request a COA adjustment, please send an email to the Law School Office of Financial Aid to initiate a discussion regarding your circumstances and a potential review of additional expenses that could be considered for inclusion in the COA.