Stein Council

Stein Scholars annually elects Stein Council as its administrative/governing body. All Stein Scholars are eligible candidates for these leadership positions. Stein Council meets every few weeks or so depending upon need, occasionally inviting student leaders, committees, faculty, or others to attend and discuss issues. Representatives are available to discuss Stein issues at any time and if warranted, to bring your issues to Stein Scholars as a whole, or the Stein Directors, on your behalf.

Stein Scholars has Committees that help to administer and run the Program. Every Stein serves on one Committee or Event for each semester and work is accomplished at the direction of the selected Committee Chair.

Stein Scholars usually produce two to four "Events" per semester, conceived, chosen by popular Stein vote, and produced by Steins, during the Stein time which is every Wednesday 4:30-6pm.