Recruiting Programs

Fordham's Career Planning Center offers a variety of recruitment options to accommodate specific hiring needs and timelines of different employers: our On-Campus Recruitment program in both Fall and Spring semesters and our Resume Collect programs three times a year.

  • On-campus interviews

    Many employers begin the process of their summer and permanent hiring process by conducting time-saving on-campus interviews. Each Spring and Fall, the CPC organizes an extensive On-Campus Interview Program, attracting a multitude of employers to Fordham's conveniently located Lincoln Center campus in Manhattan. Our roster of on-campus employers encompasses law firms, accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, and public interest organizations.

    We invite public sector employers to view the Public Interest Resource Center's Guide for Public Service Employers

    The On-Campus Interview Program is divided into two different sections, each with its own distinctive focus:

  • The CPC offers formal Resume Collect Programs four times times a year (one in early summer, twice early in the fall semester and once early in the spring semester). Employers receive application materials from interested students and invite selected students to their offices for an interview. There is no fee to participate, and employers may indicate the specific application materials they require (e.g., cover letters, transcripts and/or writing samples).

    Registration for Resume Collect Program

    Register online through Symplicity at Log in, select the OCI Tab then the Schedule Request Tab, and select Request Schedule. From the Sessions drop-down menu, select the desired Resume Collect session, and complete the requested information. Employers requiring additional materials beyond a resume must indicate those materials in the request.

    We invite public sector/public interest employers to review the Public Interest Resource Center's Guide for Public Service Employers

    If you need a Symplicity username and password, please email [email protected].

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    Questions about the Resume Collect Program?

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  • Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Career Planning Center's website and for your interest in our outstanding LL.M./S.J.D. students. The Career Planning Center at Fordham University School of Law assists J.D. students and J.D. alumni in their career development and works closely with employers in recruiting our JD students and J.D. alumni.

    The Graduate Professional Development Program in the Office of International and Non-J.D. Programs assists LL.M./S.J.D. students and LL.M./S.J.D. alumni with their career development. It works with employers interested in recruiting LL.M.s and S.J.D.s. The Graduate Professional Development Program is pleased to work with all types of employers to identify recruiting methods that will enable your organization to attract and recruit our highly talented LL.M.s and S.J.D.s.

    Please visit the Graduate Professional Development Program website to learn more about our LL.M.s and S.J.D.s and recruiting options and ways to promote your organization to our LL.M.s and S.J.D.s.