IT Resources for Law School Students

Exam Registration

The Law School uses Exam4 during final in-class examinations.  Students are required to register.

  • November:  Registration for Fall term in-class exams
  • April:  Registration for Spring term in-class exams
  • June:  Registration for Summer term in-class exams

Keep your eyes peeled for emails from Law IT regarding Exam4 registration during these months.

Familiarize yourself with Exam4


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Print Center Guide

  • Printing at Fordham Law is facilitated by Pharos Print Management. A solution that allows students and guests to securely and conveniently print via the web, mobile app, email and client software. It also supports touchless printing via the Pharos Print app for iOS/Android devices.

    Printing is a two-step process that requires students to:

    1. Submit the document(s) they wish to print, then
    2. Release it to a printer of their choosing within the building

    Students may release print jobs by logging in with their AccessIT ID credentials or scanning their Fordham ID card (physical or electronic). Alternatively, students can leverage the Pharos Print app touchless method.

    At the beginning of each academic year, every actively enrolled student receives a $200 print credit in mid-to-late August to support their educational printing needs. Once these funds are utilized, students must add funds to their account using the Pharos Print Center. Charges are $0.10/per black and white page, $0.50/per page in color.

    Printer Locations and Capabilities

    Printers are conveniently located on floors 2 through 6, with the majority on floors 5 and 6 of the Maloney Law Library. Each printer supports:

    • high-speed printing, copying, scanning, and faxing
    • free scanning to email or attached USB device
    • duplexing (double-sided printing), stapling and collating
    • Color printing/photocopying at location 5-35 in the Law Library
    • Printer A in 6-33 has a hole punch and booklet maker

Web Page Updates

Keeping your web pages current and engaging is important.  If you have existing pages in the Law School site or would like to request a new page, submit the Web Update Request Form and Law IT will aasist in enhancing your web presence.

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