House Representatives


Section Reps are required to be available for monthly meetings to be held in the open period on Wednesday evenings from 5 - 6 p.m. Representatives will have other light responsibilities that will be given to them throughout the year at those meetings.

Representatives are also the liaisons between the SBA and their section. Section representatives should relay any information regarding SBA events to their classmates, and encourage classmates to take part in the SBA as committee-members. As well, representatives must provide the SBA with an up-to-date email list for each section.

Representatives should relay any questions or concerns of their classmates to the SBA. These questions will most often concern technology issues, questions about the Fordham Law administration, and comments on SBA activities and events.

Section Representatives will also serve as House Representatives for the house comprising their section:
The 1L House Representatives will work closely with the house leaders and affiliates to optimize the house experience for all members of their house. They will attend monthly meetings with their house leader, serve as conduits between their housemates and the administration, and have the opportunity to assume a leadership role in planning student-led house programming.

Finally, a Representative should organize regular section and inter-section socials, as well as academic activities where appropriate.

Election Process

1L Section Representative elections will be held in early September. Interested students must submit notice of intent to run to the SBA Secretary at [email protected]. More information will be released at the start of the school year.

  • Candidates may only petition to run for the section they are in.
  • Petitions will be made available in early September.
  • Petitions need a minimum of 15 signatures from their own section.
  • The candidate from each section who receives the highest number of votes will become the section rep. It is possible for candidates to run unopposed.