Disabled and Allied Law Student Association


DALSA is an open and inclusive organization dedicated to providing community and support to students with all types of disabilities at Fordham Law, and to the advancement of equal rights for individuals with disabilities.

Established in 2020, DALSA is committed to providing support to Fordham Law students throughout their academic career while working with the administration and the Fordham community at large to provide an equal educational experience. DALSA aims to destigmatize disability in the industry and demystify the process of accommodation in the Fordham community.

DALSA is also a community for students with disabilities and allies who are seeking a career in Disability Law or Advocacy. DALSA seeks to provide a community to raise, discuss and act on the legal issues facing the Fordham Law disability community and the disability community at large.

DALSA fosters a disability presence in the Fordham Law student body, faculty and staff, by sponsoring campus-wide events, providing a student-mentorship program, and collaborating with other student groups on disability issues.

Student Board Members

President - C. Pardo
Treasurer - Diana Ybarra
Director of Operations - Ellie Mitchell
Director of Outreach - Rahul Sukesh
Firm Liaison - Jacob Russell
Student Advocacy Chair - Lisa Schreter

[email protected] 
Facebook: fordham.dalsa
Instagram: @dalsa.fordham
Twitter: @DalsaFordham Association