Entrepreneur Law Society


As the only club at Fordham Law that is centered around entrepreneurship, our mission is:

  • To create an environment for students to learn what it takes to both represent entrepreneurs as well as be ones themselves,
  • To encourage students to discover the array of business opportunities they have as law students here at Fordham, and
  • To teach students skills that will enable them to be entrepreneurial in whatever field they pursue.


  • Amanda Bradley - President
  • Agustin Videla - Vice President
  • William McMillan - Communications Chair
  • Nick Gervasi - Alumni Chair
  • Brandon Chesner - Secretary
  • Emily Benevento - Treasurer
  • Representatives: Charlie Brownstein, Xue Zhang, Jason Keschner, Rebecca Krupatkin, I-LiuLiu, Tien Le, Ellie Solomon

What the Society Does

In order to fulfill our mission, we publish a bi-weekly newsletter, host regular events, and actively work to expand our network. In our newsletters, we suggest content to read, events to go to, and even share success stories of some notable Fordham Law alumni. Our events can take the form of workshops, panels, lectures, and even competitions.

Our society is also working with alumni to build an alumni affinity group. If you or anyone you know would like to be a member of that group, please contact [email protected]m.edu

Whether you want to be an entrepreneur yourself, you want to represent them through their journey, or you simply are excited about the innovation and creativity that permeates through new ventures, we encourage you to join the Entrepreneur Law Society. For more information, please contact [email protected]