Media and Entertainment Law Society


The Fordham Media and Entertainment Law Society (MELS) is a student-run organization that is active in the entertainment community at large and is dedicated to supporting students interested in areas of the law relating to TV, film, music, publishing, art, theatre, and digital and interactive media. Our yearly programming, including an annual Symposium, invites leaders and experts to speak on cutting-edge developments in entertainment industries and provides students with opportunities to build relationships with professionals in the field. MELS also offers students resources for finding and obtaining media and entertainment law internships.

Executive Board

President: Elie Kern '25
Secretary: Petter Jeffries '26
Treasurer: Caroline O'Keefe '25
DEI Chair: Esther Animalu '26
Symposium Committee: Rachel Farrar '26 (Director), Rachel Marotto '26, Caroline Crouse '26, Bailey Albertson '26
Events Committee: Allie Touron '26 (Director), Evan Nathanson '26, Carmen Flores '26, Tommy Blanchard '26, Caroline Koloff '26

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