Student Animal Legal Defense Fund of Fordham Law School


The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund of Fordham Law School (SALDF) is dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals through the legal system. The activities of SALDF include hosting speaker events on current issues in animal welfare law, contributing to the legal work of organizations that promote animal welfare through legislative advocacy and litigation, advocating for the introduction of an animal law course at Fordham Law School, and networking with students at other law schools and professionals in the field in order to promote the development of animal law.

SALDF encompasses a broad membership of Fordham Law School students interested in animal law and animal rights, as well as students interested in property, housing, intellectual property, and environmental law who recognize the close relationship of these areas to animal law issues.

SALDF is the Fordham Law School chapter of the national Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), which fights to protect the interests of animals through litigation and advocacy.


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The Public Interest Resource Center (PIRC) student groups office is located at Room LL-101 of the Law School.