Dean of Students at Lincoln Center

Dean of Students

As the dean of students at a Jesuit university, my role, and the role of all of us in the Division of Student Affairs, is to build upon the efforts of our faculty to extend learning beyond the boundaries of the classroom into the “laboratory” of New York City.

Student Affairs departments are responsible for many of the activities that are not directly related to your academic courses. As dean of students, I directly oversee the area of Student Affairs referred to as Student Life:

Through these offices and others, we expect to work with you to create a rich and varied culture of participation both on and off campus. Through your involvement, you can not only fully realize your educational potential, but also grow and develop intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

The various policies and processes for which we are responsible are meant themselves to be infused with educational value and to strengthen an intellectual community which balances rights with responsibilities. In establishing high standards through policies including the University Code of Conduct to the Non-discrimination Policy, the Sexual Misconduct Policy, and the University Alcohol Policy, our University hopes to effectively train men and women for and with others. In turn, these responsible citizens may assure the same qualities in future generations.

All members of our community are invited to reach out to the Dean of Students or any member of the Student Life staff with questions, concerns or for assistance.

Jenifer Campbell, Ed.D.
Dean of Students
Lincoln Center
140 West 62nd Building, G33
[email protected]

Updated: February 2021