Phase 3: Room Selection Grouping

Tuesday, February 27- Tuesday, April 2

Group Formation

  • Students must decide with whom they want to live with for next year.
  • Based on the number of potential roommates, the roommates should discuss what type of apartment they are interested in living in for next year.
    • Groups of 3 must select a 3-person apartment (an apartment with 3 single rooms)
    • Groups of 4 must select a 4-person apartment (an apartment with 2 double rooms or an apartment with 1 double room and 2 single rooms)
    • Groups of 6 must select a 6-person apartment (an apartment with 3 double rooms)
  • Room selection groups must have enough people to fill the ENTIRE apartment. If you would like to select a 6 person apartment, for example, you MUST have 6 people in your room selection group.
  • Once this is decided, students must assign one person in their group to be their group leader. The group leader will have a lot of responsibility through the room selection process (see Role of Group Leader section). THE GROUP LEADER SHOULD ALSO BE THE PERSON WITH THE BEST TIMESLOT.
  • Students should discuss a backup plan in case they are unable to obtain their first choice of apartment and be prepared to select a different apartment choice OR regroup into smaller or larger groups based on what housing options are left for them to choose.
    • Example: A group of 3 students trying to obtain a 3-person apartment should be prepared to add a fourth roommate if there are no longer any 3-person apartments available. By adding an additional person, this group can select a 4-person apartment.
    • Example: A group of 4 students trying to obtain a 4-person apartment should be prepared to add 2 additional roommates if there are no longer any 4-person apartments available. By adding two additional people, this group can select a 6-person apartment.