Phase 2: Housing Application Steps 1-5

Monday, February 20– Monday, February 26

Accessing Your Housing Application

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on the Student Tab.
  3. Click on Student Housing Application
  4. Follow the directions throughout the application and read the terms carefully in order to:
    1. Select the Term for your Application (Academic Fall 2024 - Spring 2025)
    2. Begin Application
    3. Confirm Personal Information and Your Graduation Year
    4. Accept to the Housing Agreement and Refund Calendar for 2024-2025.
    5. Answer Lifestyle Questions so we can match you with a roommate in the event that you are in Overflow.
    6. Select Hall and Room Type Preferences (Single or Double) in the event that you are in Post Room Selection.
    7. View your Housing Application Status (this lets you know whether or not you have completed the application). This screen will appear at the end of each phase. It will not be noted as complete until you have a room assignment.

Room Retention Process

Thursday, March 2

The room retention process allows a select number of current residents to retain their apartments for the 2023-2024 academic year. McKeon residents are not allowed to retain rooms in McKeon Hall. For McMahon Hall, students on floors 2 - 8 are not eligible to retain their apartments. Please note that particular apartments will be unavailable for the summer. This means that if your Spring 2023 housing assignment is your Fall 2023 housing assignment, you may not be able to stay in your apartment during the Summer 2023 term since the Office of Campus Operations may be renovating certain apartments Summer 2023. You will be placed in an alternate housing assignment for the Summer (if you apply for Summer housing).

Retainment Eligibility

  • To retain a 3 person apartment: at least 2 of the 3 students must be current (Spring 2023) residents of the apartment and a third eligible resident must be chosen to fill the apartment.
  • To retain a 4 person apartment: at least 3 of the 4 students must be current (Spring 2023) residents of the apartment and a fourth eligible resident must be chosen to fill the apartment
  • To retain a 6 person apartment: at least 4 of the 6 students must be current (Spring 2023) residents of the apartment and 2 additional eligible residents must be chosen to fill the apartment

Directions for Retention

  • 1 CURRENT resident from the room that the group wishes to retain must create a group (please see directions under Phase 3 of the housing room selection process). This person will be the group leader and must create a group name and password.
  • The group name must be the hall and room assignment that you wish to retain. (i.e. If you wish to retain McMahon Hall Apartment 14F, your group name must be McMahon Hall 14F).
  • Give the group name and password to desired group members. The number of members in your group must match the number of spaces in the suite you wish to retain. You cannot retain a room if you do not have the total number of persons to fill the apartment (following the eligibility rules).
  • Email [email protected] the following format
    • Subject line for the email: Room Retention (McMahon 14F)
    • Bedroom # with Student’s First/Last Name and Fordham ID#

Retention Groups must be created and email [email protected] by Wednesday, March 8th. Students applying for room retention will be notified by the Office of Residential Life at Lincoln Center on Friday, March 18th via email if they have been approved or denied for retention. If your retention application is approved, no further action is required on your part.

Room Selection Time Slots

  • An individual timeslot will be emailed to every resident who pays a deposit, completes the housing application and is eligible to participate in the room selection process.
  • Timeslots will be assigned with priority given based on Graduation Year, with law and grad students picking first followed by seniors/juniors, then sophomores, then freshmen.
  • The Group Leader should be the member of the group with the best timeslot. Time slots will not be averaged unless you have group members with mixed graduation years.

Students Studying Abroad

Students Studying Abroad for the Spring 2023 Semester: Students who are currently studying abroad should be able to participate in the housing room selection from abroad. If you encounter any difficulties, please email [email protected].

Students Studying Abroad for the Fall 2023 semester returning to housing for Spring 2024: ORL recommends that students who plan to study abroad for the Fall 2023 semester go through the housing room selection process in case plans to study abroad change. Once a student confirms that they are studying abroad for Fall 2023, they can withdraw from housing by completing an online withdrawal form. Residential Life will contact you in November of 2023 to discuss your Spring 2024 housing options. Please note that ORL will not hold any rooms for Spring that were obtained by students who decide to study abroad in Fall.

Students Planning to Transfer Internally to Rose Hill

Students planning to internally transfer from Lincoln Center to Rose Hill for Fall 2023 must:

  1. Participate in the McMahon Hall Room Selection Process in order to be considered for housing at Rose Hill for Fall 2023.
  2. Work with their academic dean to go through the internal transfer process to Fordham College Rose Hill or Gabelli School of Business at the RH campus.
  3. Sign up on the Rose Hill online housing waitlist ( after April 1, 2023 in order, to be considered for housing at Rose Hill.

Students who successfully complete the above steps will be contacted over the summer months to discuss housing options at the Rose Hill campus. Once housing becomes available at the Rose Hill campus for you, you must move to the Rose Hill campus. If housing does not become available, you will have the option of living at the Lincoln Center campus until housing becomes available at the Rose Hill campus.