Living and Learning: Integrated Learning Communities

Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Three female students sitting in lobby - LGFordham University has a proud history of approaching learning in a distinctly Jesuit way, one that assures that learning occurs inside and outside the classroom, unites heart and mind and develops in our students authentic conscience, character, and intellect.

Fordham students at the Rose Hill campus can choose from a variety of residence halls intentionally designed to pursue these goals, which integrate our renowned intellectual tradition with experience-based learning. We call these special places Integrated Learning Communities.

Each of these communities has its own focus, specific goals, architecture, amenities and style. Each, however, is looking for members of the incoming class who are committed to something more—what we call "the magis." Throughout their college experience, students can take advantage of these unique housing experiences.

We invite you to take a look at what these communities offer. You are sure to find one where your gifts and ambitions can be realized and where your training as a leader-in-service can begin.