RH Integrated Learning Community: Queen’s Court Residential College

First-Year Integrated Learning Communities

Looking for something different for your freshman year experience? Tradition, Jesuit education, and healthy living come together in Queen's Court Residential College. Residents invest their time and talents into a community that pays them back tenfold. The hall is more than a place with special events and in-hall classes. Those who call Queen's Court their home challenge themselves and others to grow in every direction. This builds a tight-knit community that turns neighbors into friends. That's why so many Queen's Court Alumni say: "Once a Queen's Courter, always a Queen's Courter."

Queen's Court Residential College, an intentional community of 150 residents, was established to assist in the integration of first-year students into University life. Its inception in 1987 was a response to a felt need for a living experience that would embody the best qualities of a Jesuit education:

  • A devotion to learning
  • Respect for tradition
  • Commitment to community
  • Adherence to living a substance-free lifestyle

Queen's Court is a combination of three halls - St. John's Hall, Robert's Hall and Bishop's Hall. Each is steeped in the history and traditions of Fordham University. Bishop's Hall houses the main lounge, one of the most elegant rooms of the university. It serves as a quiet study area and a gathering place for house programs. Other facilities include a social lounge, kitchen, dinette, group study areas and a classroom. Each semester, core curriculum courses are offered in Queen's Court as part of the Residential College experience. They are taught by outstanding faculty members.


The Queen's Court staff consists of a Master and an Assistant Master/ Faculty in Residence, a Resident Director and five undergraduate assistants. The Master and the Assistant Master also serve as Academic Advisors/ Counselors for residents.

Queen's Court Traditional Programs

All events and activities of the Residential College aim to challenge ideas, expand horizons, promote reflection and enhance community. The following are traditional programs that are unique to Queen's Court.

Queen's Court Program Pre-Application

Students are able to pre-apply to the Queen's Court Program via the Rose Hill Residential Life Housing Portal. Please check your Fordham Gmail account for information. In order to fill out your application, please prepare the following essay ahead of time:

For placement in this hall, explain your interest in a residential college experience and stating that you understand and accept the policies and standards of Queen’s Court Residential College. In your essay, be sure to address your commitment to our community standards as a substance-free wellness community for the duration of your first year here at Fordham.

Although you fill out the pre-application, you will still need to fill out your housing application through the  my.fordham.edu webpage. Please be sure to select Queen's Court as one of your top 3 choices. If you indicate Queen's Court as a choice on the online Housing Application. The selection process is first come, first served.