Deeper Dialogues

Program Overview

The Office of Multicultural Affairs seeks to engage the Fordham community in thoughtful and authentic dialogue by providing space for reflection and exploration of the self, and reciprocal exchange and learning among the entire student population. Similar to the Sustained Dialogue Series, Deeper Dialogues will encourage and promote the openness of mind and willingness of heart to learn, explore, ask questions, and enjoy competent intercultural communication.

Program Details

The goal of Deeper Dialogues is to bring together Fordham University undergraduate students in a welcoming and intimate space to dialogue about a variety of topics dealing with diversity and social justice. In order to create a safe and open space for our participants, Deeper Dialogues are designed in three weekly sessions for an hour and a half time period with the same group of 10 participants discussing a main topic. Students will get to know each other better as they open the dialogue and delve deeper into these topics.

Participants must be able to attend all three sessions in order to be a part of the Deeper Dialogues program. Each topic will be facilitated by one administrator and one Diversity Peer Leader. This program is open to all current Fordham undergraduate students. Students can choose to participate at either Lincoln Center or Rose Hill.

Each participant will receive a free book related to their dialogue topic and a Deeper Dialogue pin upon completion of the dialogue.

Learning Objectives:

After completing Deeper Dialogues participants will learn to better exemplify the Jesuit tenets as they:

magis: develop an active interest in increasing personal & social awareness of cultural and identity differences.
cura personalis: develop an understanding and appreciation for the lived experience of every individual.
unity of heart and mind: develop skills that improve communication and dialogue, combining new knowledge with increased empathy.
men and women for and with others: raise interest in taking action to bring about social justice and equity.

Space is limited to 10 students per dialogue. Refreshments will be provided.