Student Health Insurance Plan

Now more than ever, Fordham students need healthcare and insurance they can count on. That’s why Fordham University has partnered with Aetna to provide benefits designed for our students.

Students who come from out-of-state are surprised to learn that their family health insurance may not offer coverage in New York. If your plan doesn’t provide out-of-state coverage, you may need to travel home for treatment if you get sick, which can be costly and time consuming!

Did You Know?

If you choose to remain on your parent’s health insurance while you are in school:

  • Your plan may not cover providers in New York
  • You could be stuck with costly medical bills if you seek treatment while at school
  • You may need to wait for preventative care until you are home, or on summer vacation, when you can use your in-network providers.

You’re a New Yorker now! Ensure you get the wellness and sick care that you need with Fordham University’s student health plan. Program benefits are integrated to work with Fordham’s student health center, and the Aetna provider network is extensive around campus so you will have excellent care options while at school. Students enrolled in the school plan also have the added benefit of working with expert staff on campus who can assist in understanding insurance plan benefits and obtaining excellent in-network care.

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