Screenings and Brief Interventions

Screenings and Brief Interventions are provided by The Office of Prevention & Support for mandated students. Interventions offered are student-centered and are based on the latest research on college student alcohol and other drug abuse treatment.

Students are placed into a Brief Intervention following an assessment of their use of alcohol and other drugs, which occurs during the Preliminary Screening and Placement Interview. The Preliminary Interview is conducted by a member of the Office of Prevention & Support. The interview is a thirty minute guided conversation about the client’s relationship with alcohol and other drugs. At the conclusion of the interview, the client will be placed into an appropriate brief intervention.

Prevention & Support offers a variety of Brief Interventions for mandated students. Each is designed to enhance awareness and understanding of personal behaviors and perceptions related to substance use, and develop strategies to reduce the risks associated with the use of alcohol and other drugs. Brief Interventions provided by staff members are not treatment/rehabilitation programs and do not adhere to the Twelve Steps philosophy.

In order to complete your Screening and Brief Intervention requirements, you must attend the following sessions:

1. Preliminary Screening & Placement Interview.
2. Assigned Brief Intervention Sessions & Assignments (typically 2-3 sessions).
3. Follow-up session or online survey sent via email (occurs several weeks after last session).

After the follow-up session, at which time an evaluation and survey are completed, the OSAPSS will inform the source of the mandatory referral that the client has fulfilled her/his Screening and Brief Intervention requirements.

To learn more about the Screening and Brief Interventions offered, visit the Frequently Asked Questions or the brief intervention descriptions pages.