Your Journey to the Bar: Fordham Pre-Law Intensive

July 8-18, 2024 Rose Hill

The purpose of the Pre-Law Intensive is to introduce high school students to the legal profession. Students will gain a broader understanding of what being a lawyer entails; how to become a lawyer, including Law School Admissions, undergraduate coursework, LSATs, and internships; and the diverse career opportunities for lawyers. Upon completion, students should have greater self-awareness regarding their interest in pursuing a legal career or obtaining a law degree along with clear steps on how to achieve these goals. Derived particularly from Fordham’s Jesuit tradition of magis or “men and women for others,” students will achieve a holistic understanding of legal ethics and Law’s significance in shaping our society.

Skills/Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  • Plan an academic path from high school to college and summer internships for future law school applications. 
  • Identify the diverse possible career paths in Law.
  • Understand the basics of reading a legal case and writing a legal document/memo.
  • Engage in legal research.
  • Put together an argument for a mock trial.
  • Answer LSAT questions.
  • Participate in a Socratic-style Law class.

Overall Takeaways

Students will benefit by learning the process of becoming a lawyer from undergraduate academic programs to graduating from Law school; working and networking with esteemed legal professionals to gain more clarity on their career path. Students will also have a better understanding of how Law functions in society.

Instructor Bio

Hillary Mantis
Hillary Mantis, Esq., currently serving as the Pre-Law Advisor at Fordham University, is a career consultant and author of Alternative Careers for Lawyers, Jobs For Lawyers, and the new The Essential Guide to Law School Admissions. With expertise in guiding clients in private practice towards new legal paths or alternative careers, she also supports pre-law and law students, as well as lawyers returning to the workplace. Her extensive career includes roles as the director of Career Services for several universities, and her contributions extend to serving as the Pre-Law columnist for Pre-Law Insider magazine. Hillary Mantis is a graduate of Brown University and Boston College Law School.

Course Schedule

    • Introduction to practice areas and practice settings 
    • Law student panel
    • Logic problems/LSAT Prep
    • Careers in Law, overview 
    • Fordham Career Services Office 
    • How to read a case
    • Career exploration exercises
    • Mock Trial Instruction: Fordham Law Coach
    • Fordham Law alums
    • Law Professor
    • Hot Topics in Law: AI, Privacy Law, Entertainment Law
    • What to look for in college; what kind of course work to pursue; positioning yourself for college
    • Example of a college class, political science as a major
    • Fordham Law School Day at Lincoln Center
    • Law School Admissions 
    • Visit a firm or Law alumni
    • Legal research and writing
    • Starting to explore a case
    • How to brief a case
    • Fordham Law School Day 2 - Lincoln Center
    • Law Career Services
    • Salaries in law
    • Mock Trial

Course Details

Your Journey to the Bar: Fordham Pre-Law Intensive
July 8-18, 2024, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Rose Hill campus
Instructor: Hillary Mantis

Course Number: SULA 0170 RP1

This non-credit course is open to high school students only.


Residential: $3,665.00
Tuition for the residential program includes the course, course materials, housing, meals, and excursions in and outside of class. Move-in for this program is Sunday, July 7, 2024 and move-out is Friday, August 19, 2024 by noon.

Commuter: $2,715.00
Tuition for commuters includes the course, course materials, lunches, and excursions in and outside of class. Additional meals are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Students may wish to bring funds for incidentals, shopping at the Fordham Bookstore, souvenirs, and any personal items they wish to purchase.


Application deadlines: course and housing: April 15, 2024; course only; May 1, 2024. Please note that admission decisions are rolling until the class is full, and course caps are around 20 students. We recommend early application.

Application Requirements: this non-credit course is open to high school students who have completed their first year. The course is recommended for those with a 3.0 or better. No prior experience with the subject matter is required.

To apply, you will need a copy of your high school transcript, and your fall report card if the grades are not reflected on your transcript.

If you are applying for housing, a brief letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor, coach, instructor, or supervisor, attesting to your maturity and responsibility as a student is required.

Please make note of the course details above because you will select your course as part of your application.


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