Seeing is Believing: Visual Thinking

July 22-August 1, 2024 Rose Hill

3 credits

Develop your creativity and learn to navigate today's visually-oriented world and job markets. This foundational course in visual communication will cover the following topics: visual perception, composition, light and color, drawing perspective, words and images, graphic design, and photography and photo montage. Social and cultural engagement and professional exposure are integral parts of the program and participants can look forward to excursions to some of NYC's museums to reinforce the concepts discussed in class!

Skills/Learning Outcomes

Students will develop an understanding and application of the following: 
-vocabulary of art and analysis of artworks in different contexts 
-formal elements such as line, mark, value, light and shadow, shape, volume, plane 
-space: 2D and 3D 
-discipline in craftsmanship and experimentation with materials 
-discourse/critique through asking questions and discussion

Overall Takeaways

Fordham's Visual Arts programs foster the development of rigorously intellectual, creative, and socially engaged artists. With a foundational course in Visual Thinking, you’ll learn to think critically, value creativity, and build technical skills to plumb the range of art’s expressive and aesthetic potential—all in the service of artistic excellence.

Instructor Bio

Vincent Stracquadanio 
Vincent Stracquadanio is a painter and a professor in the Fine Arts department. In addition to his teaching at Fordham, Prof. Stracquadnio is also a Museum Educator for the Jewish Museum.

Course Details

Seeing is Believing: Visual Thinking
July 22-August 1, 2024, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
3 credits
Rose Hill Campus
Instructor: Vincent Stracquadanio

Course Number: VART 1135 RP2

CRN: 15812

Please note that this is a college course and that Fordham students may also be enrolled in this class, which will be a great opportunity for you to learn more about life at Fordham. Final assignments may be due after your time on campus.


Residential: $4,450.00
Tuition for the residential program includes the course, course materials, housing, meals, and excursions in and outside of class. Move-in for this program is Sunday, July 21, 2024 and move-out is Friday, August 2, 2024 by noon. Please note that admission decisions are rolling until the class is full, and course caps are around 20 students. We recommend early application.

Commuter: $3,500.00
Tuition for commuters includes the course, course materials, lunches, and excursions in and outside of class. Additional meals are available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Students may wish to bring funds for incidentals, shopping at the Fordham Bookstore, souvenirs, and any personal items they wish to purchase.


Application deadlines: course and housing: April 15, 2024; course only: May 1, 2024.

Application Requirements: this credit-bearing course is primarily for rising high school seniors with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better. Rising juniors may apply with a letter of recommendation in addition to the documents below. 

The course will be graded with letter grades, but you may opt to take the grade for pass/fail or audit by emailing [email protected] after the first class meeting. 

To apply, you will need an analytical (not creative or personal) writing sample from a class, your high school transcript, and your fall report card if the grades are not reflected on your transcript.

If you are applying for housing, a brief letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor, coach, instructor, or supervisor, attesting to your maturity and responsibility as a student is required.

Please make note of the course details above because you will select your course as part of your application.


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