Filming and Photography on Campus

Fordham University has been a backdrop to a number of Hollywood blockbusters, independent films, documentaries, popular television shows and advertising shows.
  • All Applications for Commercial Photography must be approved in advance. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance and include date and time of event, proposed activity, equipment to be used and number of people expected.

    For the Bronx Rose Hill campus, Westchester campus, and Calder Center in Armonk, NY, contact Deborah Russelli in the Office of the Vice President for Administration via email at [email protected] or call 718-817-3840.

    For requests to film at our Lincoln Center campus, please contact Richard Waite at 212-636-7900.

    Requests from student groups must first be approved by the Office for Student Involvement.

    Commercial and Non-Commercial Filming and Photography

    Steps to Receive Approval to Film or Photograph

    1. Obtaining approval: A filming request is not approved until all of the following requirements have been met:
      • Approval is obtained from the Vice-President for the content and intended use of any proposed film project
      • Agreement is obtained regarding the date, duration and hours of filming; location(s); support services required; and parking arrangements.
      • Consent is obtained from all campus agent(s) for the desired location(s)
      • Availability of the desired location is confirmed
      • A location contract is signed.
    2. Script Approval: A copy of the final script or storyboard must be submitted to the Vice President for Administration for approval. Script approval must be granted prior to the signing of the contract.
    3. Locations: Most areas of the Rose Hill campus may be used for filming. However, any location is available by a case-by-case basis and must be approved prior to filming. Prior to filming and at a minimum of nine (9) business days prior to the desired date, a representative of the production company must walk through the desired location(s) with a representative of Facilities Management.
    4. Fees: The location fee is based on a half day/full day rate system. The time coverage by the agreement begins when the first production vehicle arrives and ends when the last one leaves on the day of the shoot. Facilities Management will assist the film company personnel with scouts, securing permission to film from various campus agents, handling contract negotiations, and assisting the cast and crew on the day(s) of filming. Charges for these services are listed as an administration fee on the invoice. Fees for providing campus services(security, custodial, etc.) will be listed separately. An itemized invoice will be forwarded to the Company within fourteen (14) days following the end of shooting, and must be paid within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the invoice.
    5. Insurance: The film-maker must have secured adequate insurance coverage for their activities at the Rose Hill campus at least 24 hours prior to the shoot. A Certificate of Insurance naming Fordham University as additionally insured for the day(s) of the shoot must be provided, as follows and for not less than:
      • US $5 Million - All feature/television productions
      • US $3 Million - All documentary productions
      • US $1 Million - All still photography productions
    6. Parking: Special arrangements for the parking of specific vehicles (generator, camera truck,etc.) can be arranged. All other parking will be subject to normal parking procedures.
  • Once you are ready to have us check availability for the locations in which you are interested, and to put a hold on the dates you want, please complete the Campus Filming Application.

  • A minimum two week advance notice and processing fee is required for reserving a facility for photographic use. Reservations will be canceled if a license to use the Fordham campus is not signed within three working days of the reserved date. Licenses must be accompanied by a Certificate of Insurance for comprehensive general liability ($5,000,000) indicating Fordham University as the additional insured and a certified or bank check based on the fee schedule below. Filming exceeding agreed upon hours is subject to additional fees. The University reserves the right to cancel reservations or licensed agreements for any reason, including changed or added production requirements that would disrupt campus activities.

    Processing Fee (non-refundable) - $100.00

    For current filming fees at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center, please contact Deborah Russelli, Director of Business Operations, at 718-817-3840.

  • To arrange to scout out our locations, please contact Deborah Russelli at [email protected].

    During the tech scout, please be prepared to discuss the following:

    • Everything you wish to bring onto campus in terms of set dressing, special effects, large equipment, etc.
    • Placement of cranes, generators and all production vehicles
    • Quantity and lengths of trucks, generators, large equipment
    • Cabling plans

    Once your application has been reviewed and locations set from your tech scout, you will be notified if your shoot has been approved. Final approval to film will be given to you by the Office of the Vice President for Administration in writing.

  • How to be Single, 2015, Dakota Johnson
    True Story, 2013, James Franco
    Adjustment Bureau, 2009, Matt Damon
    Wall Street 2, 2009, Michael Douglas
    Fair Game, 2009, Sean Penn
    U2 Concert, 2009, Good Morning America
    Solitary Man, 2008, Michael Douglas
    A Beautiful Mind, 2001, Russell Crowe
    Kinsey, 2004, Liam Neeson
    The Quiz Show, 1994, Paul S. colfield
    The Verdict, 1982, Paul Newman
    Love Story, 1970, Ryan O’Neill and Ali Mc Graw

    The University reviews and approves a variety of location shoots, film productions and photo shoots on campus for commercial and non-commercial purposes. In most instances (unless the University provides specific consent), the use of Fordham University's names, logos, etc. is not permitted.

Thank you for your interest in using one of Fordham University's campuses as a location for your upcoming production. Fordham University offers a variety of exceptional interior and exterior locations including libraries, classrooms, and athletics facilities in a wide range of architectural styles. Fordham University is proud of its 45+ year heritage as a filming location, and we will do everything we can to make your production a great success!

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