Conference Services Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hotels around the Lincoln Center Campus or the Rose Hill Campus?
If you need assistance reserving a hotel near Lincoln Center please contact Michael Bongiovi at [email protected]. You can also view more information about hotels in the area around both Lincoln Center and Rose Hill.

What are the largest meeting facilities that Fordham has to offer?
View event spaces and meeting rooms to find a location that best fits your need.

How far in advance should conference dates be reserved?
Conferences are reserved on a first come first serve basis, in order to get everything you need you should start planning your reservation as soon as you can. Please visit Plan a Conference to determine submit your request and get more details on your needs.

Is transportation available near the campus?
View directions to our Rose Hill Campus.
View directions to our Lincoln Center Campus.
View directions to our Westchester Campus.

Can I take the Ram Van?
Yes, conferences may use the Ram Van service. The Ram Van is a shuttle service that travels between the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses. Reservations can be made at the Ram Van office (underneath the Fordham parking garage). For more information visit the Ram Van website, or contact them at 718-817-4346.

Is parking available?
View parking information on our Rose Hill Campus
View parking information on our Lincoln Center Campus.

Are there restaurants or stores in close proximity near the campus?
There are multiple dining and shopping options near all of our campuses. Our Lincoln Center location lies in midtown Manhattan with close proximity to Lincoln Center, Central Park, and Columbus Circle. Our Rose Hill campus sits in the middle of the Belmont section of the Bronx. Directly off campus you will find Arthur Avenue, known as Little Italy in the Bronx, as well as the Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Gardens.

What forms of dining does Fordham offer?
Visiting our Camus Dining Services.

Do you have access to WIFI?
Yes, guest WIFI is available to guests upon arrival to campus. For more information or assistance please visit Fordham IT’s website, or contact them directly at 718-817-3999.