Gender Equity and Title IX Office Education and Training

Fordham University supports its non-discrimination policies through education prevention. Education and training programs have been established so that members of the community can recognize discrimination, know what to do when confronted with or become aware of discrimination, and know who to contact for assistance and to report discrimination. We encourage all members of the community to assist in preventing discrimination and creating a safe and respectful environment for our community.

There are various offices throughout campus that conduct education, awareness events, and training programs to prevent discrimination, how to care and respond to anyone who is a survivor or accused of committing sexual misconduct, and programs that foster tolerance and acceptance of all people in our multicultural society and campus. See also the Sexual Misconduct / Title IX / CARE(Campus Assault and Relationship Education) initiatives and education conducted on campus.

This office conducts several education and training seminars, awareness events, and workshops for various constituents of the University community on a variety of topics, including sexual harassment, equity in hiring, and others.

If your University department would like further training or awareness on a particular subject matter relating to discrimination, please contact this office at [email protected] or call Kay Turner, Esq., Vice President for Human Resources and Interim Title IX Coordinator, at 718-817-0181.

One Page Guide - Reporting Title IX