Mandatory Reporting FAQs

Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and University policy, Faculty, Staff and Administrators are "mandatory reporters," and we want to make sure you are aware of that obligation.

Who may share information that must be reported?

Reports may come from a student, a faculty member, a fellow staff member, or a fellow administrator. Title IX protects, and applies to, all community members.

What must be reported?

You have a duty to report if you reasonably suspect any community member has experienced or engaged in sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking, intimidation and retaliation for reporting, or any other form of sexual or gender–based discrimination. When in doubt about any of this, please check with the Interim Director of Gender Equity/Title IX Coordinator, the Deans of Students for the campuses, the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Department of Public Safety, or Human Resources to discuss your reporting requirements.

When will my duty to report arise?

Events or actions leading to the duty to report may take place at any time, including during your shift, during meetings, while attending University activities, while reviewing individual or group emails, or during external conferences attended by multiple community members.

Where will I be when my duty to report arises?

If you are a Faculty member, events or actions leading to the duty to report may take place at any time, including immediately before or after class, during class, during office hours, while reviewing individual or group emails, or while reviewing written assignments that discuss the personal experiences of a student or other community member.

If you are a Staff member or Administrator, you may learn of or observe sexual misconduct in an office, break room, common area, conference room, or other space in which work activities or conversations customarily take place. In addition, your duty to report may also arise while you are navigating campus or New York City. 

How to report?

You may submit a detailed report to the Gender Equity & Title IX Office. You can reach the office via phone or email – 718-817-0181 or [email protected]. You may also submit a detailed report to Public Safety. Public Safety can be reached by phone at 718-817-2222 (Rose Hill), 212-636-6076 (Lincoln Center), or 914-367-3001 (Westchester).

Why should I report?

You should report because sexual misconduct is antithetical to the mission of our University, and because reporting ensures that affected individuals are informed of the full range of rights, options, and resources available to them. The federal regulations make sure institutions do not ignore sexual misconduct. Therefore, when any staff member or administrator receives a report, it is considered notice to the entire University. It is very important that we appropriately respond.

What happens next?  

When we receive a report, a trained individual contacts the person who experienced the reported misconduct. The core responsibility of the trained individual is to empower the affected person by informing them of the full range of rights, options, and resources available to them.

Who does not have a duty to report?

The University has designated “Confidential Resources” who do not have a duty to report. These individuals include all employees in Counseling and Psychological Services, all employees in University Health Services, and the pastoral counselors in Campus Ministry. All other employees of the University have a duty to report.