Lost or Stolen ID Cards

Should your card be lost or stolen, please go immediately to the portal.  You can access the portal here.  Once logged in you can deactivate your card under My Pages > Student or Employee. You will see the Photo ID Services link where you can Report a Lost/Stolen ID. University records will be updated and security will be notified in 'real time' once you have completed the transaction. Please keep a record of the date and time you entered the transaction and the transaction confirmation number.

If you are unable to access the University portal you can report the lost or stolen card to Fordham University Security at 718-817-2222. In either case immediately report your card lost or stolen, do not wait -- avoid risk to yourself and other students.

Replacement cards are available from an ID Card Center located at the Rose Hill, Lincoln Center or Fordham Westchester campus during regular business hours. You can find our hours here.  There is an initial $21.00 fee for replacing a lost or stolen ID Card. There is a $32.00 fee for every subsequent occurrence or request. The fee may be waived for replacing a broken or damaged ID card but the defective card must be turned in to a staff member at the time of request. The ID Card Centers do not accept payment directly, you simply fill out a form and you will be billed later. Please book an appointment before stopping by.  You can book your appointments here for Rose Hill & Lincoln Center.  For the Weschteser campus please call (914) 367-3045 ahead of time for availability.