Fordham Specific Agreements and Programs

See detailed category sheets that follow with special emphasis on the following:


Fordham has a specialty agreement with P.C. Richard’s Builders’ Division and Grainger. Please contact the Purchasing Department for specific information. It is advised to also speak to the Facilities Department for advice on models, size requests and installation information. All appliance requests must be submitted on a Requisition for processing.

** There is an “Employee Purchasing Program” available through P.C. Richard.
Contact the Purchasing Department for details.

Bottled Water (Filtered Water)

Ready Refresh is Fordham’s contracted vendor.

** There is an “Employee Purchasing Program” available through Ready Refresh. Contact the Purchasing Department for details.

Bus Rentals

Fordham University has contracted pricing on bus rental services which includes Academy Express, Campus Coach Lines and West Point Tours. There are various size buses available for use. Please call the Purchasing Department with rental information, so that we can obtain the best pricing for your event. During busy event seasons, it may be more difficult to reserve a bus – if enough time is not given. Please plan and allow sufficient time for us to price and process your request.

Car Rentals

Fordham University has a car rental program with special contract pricing from our preferred rental providers: Enterprise and Nationwide. This special service can be used for both business and personal travel. Please contact the Purchasing Department for information on how to obtain these services.

Computer Acquisition Procedures

Acquisition of leased computers and related equipment originates in a negotiation with the Computer Acquisitions Department of Fordham IT.

**Please contact Fordham IT Computer Acquisitions Department for further information.

Computer Peripherals and Related Equipment

All procurement actions for computers, printers and other computer-related hardware should be forwarded to Fordham IT Computer Acquisitions Department, who will process your requests if they are in compliance with the University’s computer procurement and maintenance policies. They will transmit approved requisitions to the Purchasing Department for Purchase Order assignment and distribution to the Vendor.

**Please contact Fordham IT Computer Acquisitions Department for further information.

Copier Machines (Multi-Function)

Fordham’s partnership program with Canon Solutions America, not only supplies copiers, but also repairs and monitors their usage. Toner supplies and staple wire are included in the program.

Note: Toners and Staple Wire are included in our copier program, and therefore no orders for toner are necessary.

Under our Canon Contract, we also have an On-Site Repair Technician assigned to our account for any and all repairs - x4409 (Rose Hill Only).

**Do not place or accept delivery of any orders from outside vendors for Toners! These are NOT part of our program and usually have outrageous FEES associated with these orders. Toners, Staple Wire and Copy Paper are included in our program. (Paper supplied by Staples Business Advantage.

Contact the Director of the Office of University Procurement for further information.


There are many furniture agreements that Fordham uses and has access to. The Purchasing Department can help with all kinds of furniture needs and also can provide the service of an interior designer, if needed.

Office Supplies

The Fordham Staples Best Value Custom Catalog has been carefully designed with you in mind. The Staples Business Advantage (SBA) / Fordham Agreement gives our community next day, desk –top delivery. See Staples Details Page, in the Purchasing Manual.

Shonda Nesbitt, supervises the program and the Staples On-Site Representative Allison Lugo and is available to address any questions you may have pertaining to the program.
Our Staples Account Executive, Catherine Costanzo is available as well.

Promotional Items

We have many Vendors interested in selling you items for promotions and for all of the Fordham events and giveaways. It is imperative to have the proper Fordham Logo and Fordham Color necessary for promotional items.

Tent Rentals

Fordham has an exclusive agreement with the Stamford Tent Rental Company. There are strict guidelines for the rental of tents. Please contact the Purchasing Department for further information.

UPS (Express Courier)

Fordham uses United Parcel Service for all our next day mailings.

Vending Machines

Supplied in various locations to provide the University Community with alternates to the dining services. Beverage machines and snack machines are available. The Purchasing Department oversees and monitors the vending machine contracts with Coca-Cola and Champion Vending.