Chapter Five: Grant and Contract Policy

§5-05.01 - Financial Management of Grant Projects
The Director of the Office of the Controller has primary responsibility for interpreting and administering policies and procedures in connection with financial management of grant projects.

§5-05.02 - Review and Approval of Budgets for Grant Projects
Review and approval of the project budgets and verifications of all expenditures under these budgets are the responsibility of the Office of the Controller. The project director, however, is also responsible for checking the most recent expenditure report before submitting a request for payment, so that all expenditures conform and are within the limits of the budget.

§5-05.03 - Grant Management Policy and University Policy
The Vice President for Finance is responsible for administration of overall University financial management policies. In case of possible conflict between grant management policy and overall University policy, the Vice President for Finance and the Director of the Office of the Controller would cooperate to resolve any conflict. Any issues remaining unresolved will be referred to the Vice President for Academic Affairs. In no case, however, may grant funds be disbursed without the written approval of the project director.

§5-05.04 - Guidelines, Procedures and Policies for Sponsored Grants/Contracts
The Research Council regularly reviews the guidelines, procedures, and policies for sponsored grants and contracts. When changes have been approved, according to procedures outlined in §5-03.03, they will be announced by the Office of Research. In addition, the Director of Research will draft a manual of procedures and policies for sponsored research grants/contract that is in conformity with the statutes and will present it for consideration by the Research Council.