Chapter One: Introduction

§5-01.01 - The Role of Research in a University
The statement in §4-04.01, that the faculty has "the right and duty to participate freely in the lawful search for and communication of the truth," reflects Fordham University's firm commitment to this basic and indispensable function of a University. If teaching is not to deteriorate into rote repetition of outdated information, it must continue to be infused with newly acquired knowledge. Research leads to the creative expansion of the teacher's vision, trains the student in scholarly inquiry which is the key to self-education and fulfills the University's responsibility to extend the horizons of knowledge to the ultimate benefit of society.

§5-01.02 - The University Research Council
Recognizing its obligations to foster and assist faculty research and training activity, Fordham University has instituted the Research Council comprised of faculty members [see §4-06.06(c)(6)] who review the program of the University sponsored research grants and formulate policies for approval by the President. An Office of Research reports to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs-Research. This office is responsible for the management of sponsored research and training activities in the University [see §5-04.]