Chapter Six: Policies and Procedures Concerning Non-Governmental Gifts and Grants

§5-06.01 - Solicitation of Gifts and Grants

  1. The University encourages faculty and administrators to seek support for projects from corporations, foundations and individuals where such may be appropriate sources of support for a project. A project in the academic area should be discussed first in the Office of Research. Where indicated the Office of Research may refer a prospective project director, Dean or Director to the Development Office for consultation on non-governmental sources for support for the project.
  2. The University would like to support the efforts of faculty and administrators to utilize the existing contacts where possible in order to further their proposals. In order to coordinate the work of all at Fordham in this area and to avoid multiple solicitations of corporations, foundations and individuals where such may be inappropriate it is very important that prior to any approaches either in writing or in person that "project directors" consult with the Director of Development. The Director of Development and the Office of Research will consult with each other so that the coordination of solicitations from public and private sources is enhanced.
  3. The Development Office is prepared to assist in the preparation of letters of inquiry and proposals to foundations, corporations or individuals seeking gifts and financial support for Fordham. The primary responsibility for the preparation and clearance of such letters, proposals, and proposal budgets, however, rest with the project director. All letters of inquiry and proposals to the private sector must have University approval before being sent out. This approval must be arranged through the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs in consultation with the project director's School or Department.
  4. The Development Office maintains files on gift proposals including alumni, friends, foundations, corporations and prospective donors of bequests. These are updated and used regularly. Faculty and administrative personnel who wish to avail themselves of information about prospects are invited to make their wishes known to the Director of Development.

§5-06.02 - Acceptance of Gifts

  1. Only the President is authorized to accept gifts to the University. For this reason, the solicitation and acceptance of gifts is restricted to specific projects and programs must be cleared with the Director of Development; it is not always practical and feasible for the University to accept such gifts. Potential donors should be informed that checks are to be made payable to Fordham University and sent to: The Office of the President, Fordham University.
  2. The Development Office records all gifts received by Fordham, arranges for their deposit and operates as a clearinghouse for acknowledgment of gifts.

§5-06.03 - Administration of Projects Supported by Gifts or Grants.

  1. After an acknowledgment letter from the President is sent to a donor accepting a project grant, the Director of Development sends a copy of the letter of transmittal, a copy of the grant application and a copy of the President's letter to the Office of the Controller and to the Vice President with responsibility for the area in which the project is to be carried out. The procedure for administration of this grant is outlined in §5-03.02.
  2. The project director has responsibility for preparing such reports on the project as may be required or desired by the donor. In any event, an annual report on a project should be submitted to Vice President of the area involved. Reports prepared for a donor should be submitted to the Vice President for transmittal to the President who will send the report to the donor with an appropriate letter of transmittal.
  3. The Development Office maintains a file on the utilization of restricted gifts. For this reason, project directors should send copies of all program reports to the Director of Development.