About Fordham Urban Consortium

Fosters innovative approaches to the study of urban phenomena, cultivates scholarship among students and faculty, promotes inter-disciplinary collaboration, and showcases Fordham as a top producer of urban scholarship and ideas.

Core of the Consortium
Faculty and graduate level urban research, graduate seminars, conferences, dialogues, workshops.

  • Seminars and Workshops:
    Multi-disciplinary sharing of current urban scholarship at Fordham.
  • Urban Dialogue Lecture Series:
    Series of high-profile “urban dialogues” on themes relevant to emerging research or policy questions fosters scholarly and/or policy exchange on pressing urban questions.
  • Urban Lab:
    For-credit, cross-disciplinary lab course taught by at least two urban faculty members providing both an overview of critical topics in urban research and also deep engagement in an applied research project.
  • Consortium Fellows:
    From time to time, the Consortium will host external scholars as fellows as resource for faculty and students and to engage ongoing or new research on urban issues.