Public Orthodoxy

Public Orthodoxy is a “public-facing” initiative of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center and is designed as an editorial forum for scholars to comment on issues of contemporary concern in a manner more suited for a broad, non-academic audience.

Since its launch in the Fall of 2015, Public Orthodoxy has published op-eds from hundreds of international scholars on a wide variety of topics to bridge the ecclesial, the academic, and the political. Although most authors hold academic appointments, Public Orthodoxy also publishes essays from bishops, parish priests, and engaged laypersons.

As an editorial forum, Public Orthodoxy is designed to prompt further reflection and conversation on a variety of issues. While we do not accept essays that challenge the dogmatic claims of Church Councils, we do adhere to the principles of academic freedom and grant our authors latitude to discern within the Orthodox tradition the appropriate response to contemporary challenges. As such, readers should know that the opinions expressed by our authors do not necessarily reflect the views of the Orthodox Christian Studies Center, and they should not be confused for official statements issued by an assembly of bishops.

Public Orthodoxy is currently available in five languages: English, Greek, Romanian, Russian and Serbian. Worldwide, it reaches over one million unique viewers.

We encourage you to visit the Public Orthodoxy website to read the essays and subscribe to future posts.