Research Initiatives

Research Initiatives

Dr. Paul Glader, contributor the Orthodoxy and Human Rights project.

The Orthodox Christian Studies Center of Fordham University advances awareness and knowledge of Orthodox Christianity in public discourse by supporting scholarship and building intellectual communities that address the challenges facing Orthodoxy in the modern world.

The center has been awarded major external grants (e.g., from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Henry Luce Foundation, Leadership 100, and the British Council) to convene international interdisciplinary cohorts of scholars, public intellectuals, journalists, and policy makers.

Dr. Lucian Leustean, contributor to the Orthodoxy and Human Rights Project.

The center's research initiatives result in the sponsorship of conferences, seminars, and publications to advance Orthodox thought and offer policy makers resources for engaging Orthodoxy in the public square.

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Orthodoxy and Human Rights Scholars Project

Contemporary Eastern Orthodox Identity and the Challenges of Pluralism and Sexual Diversity in a Secular Age

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Dr. Effie Fokas, contributor to the Orthodoxy and Human Rights Project.