Careers in Bioethics

Bioethics is essential to understanding the implications and consequences of medical procedures, treatment decisions, biomedical and behavioral research and health-related policy. A background in ethics will provide you with the analytical skills that will assist you in your work and help you to best serve the needs of those with whom you work. Individuals with bioethics training are employed in a variety of settings, including health care (hospitals, clinics, nursing and assisted living homes, etc.), pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic institutions, institutional review boards and oversight/compliance boards, and policy organizations and think tanks.

Watch the 2014 Careers in Ethics panel, featuring pediatric E.R. physician Naomi Dreisinger, M.D. (Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital), bioethicist Elizabeth Yuko, Ph.D. (Center for Ethics Education) and Institutional Review Board professional Stefanie Juell, M.A.

Job Listings

Below are several different lists of bioethics-related jobs. These positions are updated regularly so be sure to check often.

Master’s Program in Ethics

Select Fordham University juniors are eligible to apply for early admission to the Master of Arts in Ethics and Society program.

Typically, the combined bachelor’s and master’s degree program is completed in a total of five years. Undergraduates accepted into the program take two courses toward the master’s degree in the senior year. These courses also count toward the credits required for the bachelor's degree. The three-day " Theories and Applications in Contemporary Ethics" course is taken during the month of May following the senior year. Finally, seven courses are taken during the two semesters following the senior year, fulfilling the requirements for the combined degree.

There is no application fee and GRE scores are not required for early admission applicants. Students who are in the early admission program receive their undergraduate degree at the end of their senior year (and participate in commencement with their classmates) and are admitted to return in their fifth year to complete the Master's degree.

Additional information about this program can be found under the Ethics and Society department.