Advanced Certificate in Rhetoric and Writing

Rhetoric & Writing Studies: Rhetoric and writing is a field of study that aims to advance understandings of discourse and its relationships with culture, politics, and everyday life. Research and pedagogy in this field are applied to make sense of the diverse methods by which humans create, receive, and use symbolic communication to connect with others.

Rhetoric Writing Studies Certificate: The Advanced Certificate in Rhetoric & Writing allows students to pursue coursework in the interdisciplinary study of rhetoric and writing. Designed to complement graduate work within and beyond English, the Certificate is ideal for students whose future goals include scholarship, teaching, administration, and/or consulting related to writing and rhetoric in a range of academic, professional, and community settings. Students earn the Certificate by taking any sequence of four (4) courses from a list of Rhetoric and Writing offerings.

Job Market Advantages: Graduate certificate programs like this one are a well-established, nationally legible way to signal specialized training in the field of Rhetoric & Writing Studies. The Certificate will help students with a range of academic and professional goals. It prepares candidates to teach and tutor writing and rhetoric in four-year universities, community colleges, and secondary educational contexts. Given its emphasis on effective communication, it also benefits students pursuing non-academic career paths, enhancing the credentials of those who seek professional careers in corporate, non-profit, or educational administrative settings.

Rhetoric & Writing Certificate Courses:

  • English 5999: Theory and Practice of Teaching Writing
  • English 6004: Practicum in Writing Pedagogy
  • English 5600: Special Topics in Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
  • English 5650: Special Topics in Writing Studies
  • English 5660: Research Methods in Rhetoric & Writing Studies
  • English 5670: History of Rhetoric
  • English 5680: The Writing & Rhetoric of Scholarly Genres
  • English 5690: Seminar in Professional & Technical Writing Pedagogy

Questions about the Certificate can be directed to Catherine Chaput, Program Director and Kavanagh Chair of Rhetoric, at [email protected].