English Internship Opportunities

Many Graduate students use their time at Fordham as a means of making connections with other institutions in New York City. An internship offers the opportunity to explore new possibilities for life after graduation. Whether interning at a publishing company, a museum, or elsewhere in New York City, Fordham can help make connections between you and your inspiration.

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Intern Profiles:

Gage Desser, Fordham University Press


  • Fordham University Press Editorial Internship

    This year-long internship will introduce students to the field of scholarly book publishing at a university press. Interns will report to the Editorial Director, working closely with them as well as other Press staff in acquisitions, manuscript editing, production and design, marketing, publicity, and business. Interns will become acquainted with the various aspects of the publishing process from start to finish.

    Interns’ duties will include:

    -    Facilitating external peer review of proposals and manuscripts under consideration

    -    Handling correspondence with authors, peer reviewers, and other press contacts

    -    Preparing manuscripts for copy editing and production

    -    Assisting in grant writing and requests for publication subsidies

    -    Helping to prepare marketing and publicity materials for forthcoming titles

    In the process, interns will have an opportunity to learn about and gain experience in:

    -    Developing individual manuscripts as well as scholarly lists across subject areas and academic disciplines

    -    Negotiating publication contracts, permissions, and subsidiary rights

    -    Preparing title budgets, including price and print-run estimates

    -    Editing and producing books in both print and electronic formats

    -    Planning for and attending book events and scholarly conferences in the New York City area

    This 9 hour/week internship is paired with a tutorial under the DGS or DPPD that consists of weekly readings and a short final written assignment. Interested candidates should email Fredric Nachbaur ([email protected]) by August 15 to learn more about the internship and set up an interview.

  • Publishing Internships

    Are you considering a career in the publishing industry? At Fordham, we have a variety of opportunities available through direct contacts with publishing houses in New York. Specific fields for internships include: Editorial, Publicity, Art/Design, Production, Marketing, Sales, Advertising and Promotions, Human Resources, Administrative Services, Finance, Customer Service, Subsidiary Rights, and Legal and Contracts.

    The Publishers Marketplace site keeps an updated list of openings in editing, publishing, and literary agencies.

    Most publishing houses, including university presses, also have job and internship listings on their websites that are updated frequently. Here are a few examples:

        Columbia University Press
        NYU Press
        Princeton University Press

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  • Museum Internships

    An internship at one of New York City’s many museums is a unique and rewarding experience that can complement academic coursework. Immersing students in a range of museum careers, these internships can prepare them for a future career at a museum or cultural institution, but it can also help them develop valuable skills that are more widely applicable such as research, administration, and teaching in a non-traditional setting.

    Fordham can assist you in applying for an internship at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Rubin Museum of Art, the Museum of the City of New York, the Merchant’s House Museum, the New-York Historical Society, and Historic House museums, among others. Most of these internships are semester-long or summer-long positions, with time commitments ranging from only a few hours a week to full-time. If you are interested in exploring a museum career but cannot make a weekly time commitment, you might consider applying to be a volunteer at one of these institutions instead.

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  • This year-long Fellowship is designed for advanced PhD candidates who are interested in exploring careers in higher education leadership. It offers opportunities to engage with strategic initiatives in graduate education within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and across the University. Fellows spearhead or advance strategic initiatives aimed at improving the graduate school experience on behalf of their peers in the GSAS student community. They benefit from rigorous, collegial mentoring while shadowing a senior member of the GSAS administration and work with many members of the GSAS staff, including the Dean. Fellows gain an insider's perspective on how a graduate school operates and contribute to the school's daily functions and long-term vision. Each Fellow's role is tailored to match the interests and skills of the Fellow with current GSAS initiatives.

    Past Fellows have helped launch GSAS Futures, develop the Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) program, coordinate the inaugural dissertation/thesis boot camp, support Fordham's Middle States reaccreditation activities, and develop the new GSAS strategic plan under the Continuous University Strategic Planning (CUSP) framework.

    The Fellowship offers a stipend and requires 8-10 hours per week. It can be held concurrently with a Teaching Fellowship, so long as these dual commitments can be successfully balanced and do not impact a Fellow’s additional academic and professional goals and responsibilities.

    Qualifications: Applicants must be enrolled/matriculated as a full-time student in a GSAS PhD program, be in good academic standing, and have completed all required course work by the end of the spring 2020 semester. Successful applicants typically have completed their comprehensive exams and are in years 4-6 of their PhD programs.

    Application: Calls for application usually come in the fall term and ask applicants to submit a cover letter and resume/CV by email. Candidates advance through a two-round interview process with the search committee and GSAS Dean.