Honors in History

Departmental Honors

To graduate with the distinction of departmental honors, History majors need to maintain a 3.5 or above GPA in the major. Among the 10 courses required for the major, students seeking to graduate with honors will successfully complete:

  • A four-credit Honors Tutorial and thesis (HIST 4999) or a Mannion Scholar Thesis.
  • A 5000-level graduate course.

We recommend that you take your tutorial in your senior year. In order to take the tutorial, you need written permission from the professor teaching the course. Once you have written permission, please contact Audra Furey-Croke, the Executive Secretary at the History Department to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

In order to take a graduate course, you will need written permission from the instructor teaching the course. Once you have written permission, please contact the Undergraduate Chair, Dr. David Myers at Rose Hill and Dr. Thierry Rigogne at Lincoln Center and he will enroll you in the course.

Why graduate with honors?

There are various incentives, including that you will:

  • add an impressive distinction to your résumé, preparing you for a career that requires good writing, or a future enrollment in a graduate program.
  • enrich yourself by studying with a professor in a one-on-one environment.
  • have two substantive writing samples for applications to graduate school, one from the Honors Tutorial and one from the graduate course.

For more information contact the Undergraduate Chair.