Minor in Irish Studies

The Irish Studies minor is designed to promote a historical and cultural understanding of Ireland through its language, literature, and diaspora. This focus includes the Irish contribution – intellectually, spiritually, artistically – to Western civilization, as well as Ireland’s experience as one of the first post-colonial nations. From poetry to politics, the minor engages with a rich and varied culture and may be of particular interest to students of Irish descent exploring their place—historical and contemporary—in a pluralistic society.

Irish Studies is well-suited as a minor for students majoring in English, Comparative Literature, Communication Arts and Sciences, History, or Political Science. However, the program is designed to be approachable from all majors, and allows students to pick their own specialization in Irish Studies.

Students interested in an interdisciplinary major in Irish Studies (through Interdisciplinary and Special Studies) should consult with the Director of Irish Studies, Dr. Keri Walsh at [email protected].