Private Music Lessons

Woman Playing Piano in Church

Fordham offers students private music lessons for voice and various instruments with our network of music instructors through the University. Registration for most lessons is available online during the open registration period.

In Academic Year 2023-24, the cost of lessons is $1,095/semester, for which you receive 12 one-hour lessons.  Stipends to cover the cost of lessons are awarded on the basis of competitive audition in the spring semester.

Please Note: No refunds after add/drop period.  The cost of lessons for Academic Year 2023-2024 (beginning in Fall 2023) are subject to change.

For more information and for assistance with registration:

Rose Hill students please contact Angela Michalski, Senior Executive Secretary, Department of Art History and Music.

Lincoln Center students please contact Keegan Riley, Music Performance Coordinator, Department of Art History and Music.

Below is a list of some of the lessons offered:

MUSC 1260 - Vocal Instruction-Classical
MUSC 1261 - Vocal Instruction-Jazz
MUSC 1262 - Instrumental Instr-Piano Classical
MUSC 1263 - Instrumental Instr-Piano Jazz
MUSC 1264 - Instrumental Instr-Guitar Classical
MUSC 1265 - Instrumental Instr-Guitar Jazz
MUSC 1266 - Instrumental Instr-Flute
MUSC 1267 - Instrumental Instr-Clarinet
MUSC 1268 - Instrumental Instr-Brass/Saxophone
MUSC 1269 - Instrumental Instr-Violin/Viola
MUSC 1270 - Instrumental Instr-Cello
MUSC 1280 - Instrumental Instr-Drums