Paul Kantor

Professor of Political Science Emeritus
Email: [email protected]

  • PhD, University of Chicago

  • Paul Kantor is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Fordham University in New York City. His teaching and research interests include American and comparative politics, public policy, urban politics and economic development in the United States and Western Europe, and urban political economy.

  • Professor Kantor was the Fulbright John Marshall Distinguished Chair in Political Science (Hungary) in 2005-2006. He has lectured extensively in the USA, China, South America, and throughout Europe. He served as Fulbright Senior Specialist Scholar at universities in Italy and the Netherlands, and was a visiting research professor at the Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan and International Development Studies (AMIDST). Professor Kantor is on the editorial boards of journals in political science, American studies and urban affairs, and is on the advisory board of the European Urban Research Association (EURA). He is former President of the American Political Science Association Urban Politics Section.

  • Professor Kantor is author of numerous articles and reviews in the Urban Affairs Review, Journal of Urban Affairs, British Journal of Political Science, Polity, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, and other leading academic journals. Paul Kantor co-authored Cities in the International Marketplace: the Political Economy of Urban Development in North America and Western Europe (Princeton University Press, 2002). This book won the 2003 award for the Best Book in Urban Politics from the American Political Science Association.

    His other books include American Political Parties: Decline or Revival? (CQ Press, 2001), co-edited with Jeffrey Cohen and Richard Fleisher; The Dependent City Revisited: The Political Economy of Urban Development and Social Policy, (Westview, 1995); The Dependent City: The Changing Political Economy of Urban America, ( Little Brown-Scott, Foresman, 1988); With Dennis R. Judd he also co-edited Enduring Tensions in Urban Politics, Macmillan, 1992; The Politics of Urban America, (Longman, 1998, 2002); American Urban Politics: The Reader (Longman, 2006); American Politics in a Global Age (Pearson Longman, 2010); and Struggling Giants: City Region Governance in London, New York, Paris, and Tokyo. 2012, University of Minnesota Pres (with Christian Lefevre, Asato Saito, H. V. Savitch, and Andy Thornley).