Psychology Department Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Psychology Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Department of Psychology at Fordham University is committed to fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive atmosphere for all students, faculty, and staff. Please navigate through the pages below to learn more about our democratically elected DEI Advisory Council within the department, which helps to oversee a number of initiatives and compile resources related to creating diverse and inclusive spaces within our department.

DEI Mission Statement

We, the Psychology Department at Fordham University, acknowledge that our field of Psychology, and settings of higher education more broadly, have been shaped by a long history of systemic oppression and inequality. In light of this, we are committed to an ongoing process of learning and changing in the service of ensuring that our classrooms, research labs, and other departmental spaces incorporate and empower historically marginalized voices. Our goal is to work to dismantle, rather than perpetuate, systems of injustice. We strive to create inclusive spaces that acknowledge–and celebrate–the diverse needs and backgrounds of the members in our Department and our communities. We aim to develop a community that offers everyone in the department a platform to listen and to be heard, regardless of position or identity. Moreover, we seek to support work within the field of Psychology–whether it involves learning (inside and outside the classroom), research, or service to the broader campus or New York, national, and international communities–that actively combats existing social, educational, and health inequities. This work involves a continual process of self-reflection and genuine dialogue within our own Department and with others, and we acknowledge this as an ongoing commitment.