Internship Program for M.S. in Applied Psychological Methods

Fordham University endeavors to provide high quality training in both theory and research methods of psychology. The Applied Psychological Methods Master’s program focuses on the application of psychological theory and research methods to generate effective solutions to real world problems faced by individuals, families, businesses, institutions and policy makers. Instead of writing a thesis, our students enter into internships once they have completed several core courses in the program. Using the skills that they learn in coursework, students enter into the internship site with the objective to evaluate and analyze data in order to further the organization’s development and improvement. 

Benefits of internship for our students

Our students enter into the internship program with the objectives of gaining knowledge, skills, and the experience of analyzing data in a real-world setting. This form of experiential learning is key to our students’ success beyond the program.  In addition to advancing our students’ knowledge and experience, the internship program is a way in which students bring the knowledge they acquire at Fordham University to professional settings in the New York metropolitan area. The internship offers students the opportunity to complete a meaningful project to help businesses, healthcare centers, or non-profit organizations.

Benefits of offering internships to Fordham students

Your intern will bring fresh ideas and apply psychological research and statistical methods to help you find information-based solutions to challenges faced by your organization. Furthermore, via coursework, your intern will provide you with well-designed and meaningful analysis to help improve your organization.

What previous projects have Fordham interns completed?

Past students have been responsible for completing a wide variety of projects during internship. Most often, these include program evaluations, assisting with existing projects, or answering specific questions the organization has using data gathered at the site. Examples of some of the projects students have worked on include: staff survey design, identifying potential clients or job candidates, and evaluating areas for improvement. 

What we ask of you as an internship placement site

We would like our students to have a professional learning experience that is mutually beneficial for both organizations and students. Students are not paid for internship, as they receive academic credit for their service. In order to ensure the quality of the internship site, we ask supervisors and placement sites to provide:

  • A 4-month project (2-3 days per week) where interns will use data collected at the site to solve a meaningful problem

  • Hands-on learning opportunities that allow students to experience practical application, observation, professional opportunities and mentorship

  • Adequate supervision, which includes weekly guidance, evaluation, and feedback to facilitate the learning process

  • Incremental autonomy and responsibility as the intern grows professionally

If you have further questions about our internship program, please contact Dr. Andrew Rasmussen ([email protected]; 718-817-4692).

If you are interested in your organization becoming involved in our internship program, please fill out the "Internship Site Submission Form". We will keep your organization's information on file and use it match future APM interns that we believe will be a good fit for your organization and its objectives.