Courses and Degree Requirements for Ph.D. in Applied Developmental Psychology


Psychology - Applied Developmental Program


The curriculum of the ADP program focuses on human development (bio-psycho-social) in contexts and over time; prevention/intervention and health promotion; theories and methods of developmental assessment; program evaluation; and social policy. Coursework emphasizes the importance of applying research, as three courses require field placements (intervention/prevention, program evaluation, and the practicum). These ADP program field experiences serve to foster relationships with the communities of the Bronx, the NYC metropolitan area, and beyond. Because human development occurs in contexts, all courses and field experiences include a deep understanding and discussions of inter-individual differences in intra-individual change, multiculturalism, vulnerable populations, as well as ethical and moral issues in all three areas of research, applications, and policy.

Core Competencies

  • Fluency and critical appreciation of foundational theories and research on intra-individual and inter-individual developmental processes across multiple contexts across the life span.
  • Mastery of research design and data collection and management strategies, including quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approaches to scientific inquiry
  • Acquisition of ethical decision-making knowledge and skills to ensure the responsible conduct of applied developmental psychology.
  • Ability to design, implement, and evaluate developmental interventions and social policies in collaboration with communities and their institutions.
  • Advanced statistical knowledge and skills in analyses of data from cross-sectional and longitudinal research designs, including consideration of multilevel and nested data.
  • Identification, construction, and validation of developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive psychological assessments.
  • The expertise to effectively translate the knowledge and methods of applied developmental psychology to meet the needs of communities and their institutions.


The ADP program allows students to focus their course work and research and field experiences in one of the following three areas: Development within Family, School, and Neighborhood, Contexts, Development in the Context of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture, and Health, Illness, and Well-being across the Lifespan. Faculty can associate with more than one concentration and are able to mentor students across concentrations.

Health, Illness, and Well-being Across the Life Span
Development in the Context of Race, Ethnicity, and Culture
Development within Family, School, and Neighborhood Context