Sociology and Anthropology Careers

Why Major in Sociology or Anthropology?

Sociology and anthropology courses offer intriguing and diverse course content (from the structure of international art worlds to the emergence of the U.S. prison state to the rise of zombie culture) and significant skills development (surveying and statistical methods, network analysis, interviewing, ethnography and content analysis, to name but a few).

Sociology and anthropology majors go on to pursue rewarding career opportunities that allow them to remain committed to social and economic justice. And for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees, both sociology and anthropology provide tracks to doctoral programs, as well as paths to advanced degrees in law, education, social work, and public policy.

Our students go on to pursue careers in:

  • Human Services (counseling, advocacy, case management, mental health services, programming, administration)
  • Criminal Justice (corrections, law enforcement, rehabilitation, judiciary)
  • Education (teaching, research)
  • Government (social statistics, demography, public administration, policy analysis, research, program development, human services, city planning)
  • Social Science Research (research, data analysis, demography, market research, information science)
  • Non-profit Leadership (social services, environmental policy, health and human services, community-development initiatives)

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