Theology Graduate Student Association

Fordham University’s Theology Graduate Student Association (TGSA) works to identify and address the needs and interests of graduate students in the theology department by providing a formal structure which pools together our voices, skills, knowledge, and resources.

Since its formal inception in 2009, the TGSA has taken on a number of functions on behalf of the master’s and doctoral students in Fordham's theology programs.

  • We advocate for students concerns regarding funding, benefits, or academic matters--both within the department and the University at large.
  • We organize social events that build the camaraderie of the department, both among the graduate students and with the faculty.
  • We host departmental and regional colloquia to provide opportunities for students to present their research and become conversant with the research of others.
  • We occasionally organize a graduate student conference open to students nationwide.
  • We assemble professional development workshops to encourage and enable students to publish, present at conferences, and find employment.
  • We gather our collective wisdom and resources, enabling one another to confidently teach undergraduates and develop a unique and effective pedagogy.
  • We continue to seek new ways to use our collective strengths for mutual benefit as we work to find our places within theological scholarship.

You can contact tthe TGSA at [email protected].