Bronx Science Consortium

Shared Commitment

Male student in lab coat writing notes - LG

Fordham University and four of our neighbors in the Bronx have created a new model for scientific research, education, and community engagement known as the Bronx Science Consortium.

The consortium includes the following institutions that share a commitment to science and the Bronx:

The Consortium expands ongoing research and education collaboration, with projects like the harvest of rattan from Southeast Asian forests and use it sustainably with the Botanical Garden and the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Fordham students have interned during the academic year and the summer with our Consortium partners. Students are also invited to attend special events and symposia where they can learn about cutting edge scientific research and practices.

Collaborative new research initiatives hold the promise of being more interdisciplinary, utilizing the talents and input of faculty members, biologists, chemists, mathematicians, patients, clinicians, and others from each of the partner institutions. The Consortium hopes to attract new funding sources and bring more resources to the Bronx – a vibrant but health and economically challenged section of the country.