Charge Disputes

To dispute a charge a written statement explaining the item in question, the reason for disputing the item, and the amount in dispute must be submitted to and received by the appropriate office listed below no later than the DUE DATE of the bill on which the charge first appears.  The remainder of the bill must be paid by the DUE DATE to avoid late fees and holds.  If you have an inquiry about an entry on this invoice, please contact the appropriate office:

Tuition  Tel: 718-817-4900 Email:[email protected]

Residence Hall - Rose Hill: 718-817-3080; Lincoln Center: 212-636-7100

Meal Plans – Rose Hill: 718-817-4515; Lincoln Center: 212-636-6066

Undergraduate Financial Aid and Educational Loans - Rose Hill: 718-817-3800; Lincoln Center: 718-817-3800; Westchester: 914-367-3204

Study Abroad - 718-817-3464

Law School Financial Aid - 212-636-6815

Other Graduate university aid - (grants, scholarships) Contact the graduate department responsible for that aid.